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Silvio’s Workbench – Will You Marry Me?

Thursday, 10 am

Summer. The season for white gowns and bow ties; plein air buffets and bouquets; singing birds, singing hearts and grand projects of shared lives sealed with a ring and a promise.

Engagement rings are the key that opens a door to a journey like none other. The engagement ring marks the moment of choice; the wedding band marks the beginning of a shared path.

The biggest step, of course, is that initial choice. It is rich with meaning and romance. One must make a conscious effort to bring good reason to the foreground as well. It is a choice that demands harmony of purpose. Not to be taken lightly, but that goes without saying.

The fiancé can convey to the jeweler an idea of the design he has in mind, but he can never convey the full spectrum of emotion the ring actually embodies in his mind. However, perhaps because of how powerful these emotions are,  they do come through at some level. Maybe it is an intonation in the voice when discussing a detail of the ring. Maybe it is a spark in the eye.

In some cases, the choice of materials reveals much of the significance the ring embodies for the fiancé. Jewelry that is made with pieces that have a meaningful history often convey an energy of their own. The fiancé, in this case, brought a ring that had belonged to his grandmother. Its diamond and some of the white gold were used in the fabrication of the engagement ring he requested, as were two Alexandrites to accent the piece.

She said yes.

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