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Workbench Journal – Stacked Rings & Ruby

Tuesday, 3 PM

We begin this Workbench Journal entry with the same words we used at the beginning of the previous look at the workbench: It is a gorgeous afternoon. Autumn almost surprised us this year, more so than it usually does, but it has been splendid so far, though somehow a bit colder than we’d expect.

Silvio took a brief afternoon walk to rest his eyes and to collect wood for the stove. Then, he returned to work, putting the finishing touches on a ring he repaired for Bobbi Rooney, owner of Tangles Salon, in Johnson.

“Bobbi brought in her ring for me to strengthen the prongs around the diamond. Most were weak and one was broken off,” explains Silvio while focusing on those detailed finishing touches that restore a piece to its original grace. “Look at that marquis cut diamond,” he continues. “It is beautiful. It’s a good thing she did not lose it.”

Nearby, on the workbench, another repair for a local customer, this one a bit more elaborate. In this case, a diamond was missing. “This ring belongs to Tanya,” begins Silvio. “You know her. She owns Terra Naturals. She asked if I could replace the missing diamond with a sapphire or ruby. At first, we thought the sapphire would be interesting, but it seemed lost. We agreed that the ruby was the right choice. It adds light to the piece.”

silvio - 1029 - rings

Silvio also explained that stacked rings tend to wear much slower than rings worn together on the same finger, but independently from each other. This is because loose rings placed on the same finger tend to turn and as they do they rub against each other. Most of the wear and tear occurs between the rings, not on the inside, as we might think. Soldering them together creates a wider ring that offers a single surface to the finger. This eliminates wear between the rings. Wider rings also swivel a lot less.

Did you know? Stacked rings that are not soldered together can wear as much as twice as fast as single rings and soldered stacks.

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