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The Right Words For Your Gift

Jewelry is poetic. It doesn’t matter if you are offering a gift to a man or a woman, friend or lover, parent or colleague; there is a poetic, even mystical connection to personal ornaments. Jewelry is never offered randomly, without sentiment. You might bring cookies or a small token to an acquaintance, but jewelry comes to mind only when a deep, even subtle, emotional connection has already taken roots.

Jewelry is a way of saying, “Thank you. I value your presence in my life.” It is a personal message in itself. The mere fact that you picked that special piece for someone speaks volumes about your awareness of who they are and your inclination to bring them joy.

Therefore, jewelry demands a little decorum beyond conventional gift wrap and Holiday cards. We instinctively know this, and this is precisely why it can seem difficult to find the right words to accompany your gift.

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To accomplish this with ease, you must think backwards. Do not ask, “What should I say to her/him?” Instead, bring your attention to the chosen piece. Then, look up information about it.

Focusing on the history or assigned meaning of a gem, stone, coin or particular metal is a great starting point to inspire the right words, because there is usually poetry in this information and it can inspire a natural connection that will resonate with your intended gift recipient. You can use the search box on this blog to browse through informative articles about the gem, stone or metal in question. Also visit the Birthstone Page.

Here’s how this works –

1- Let’s say you are offering a tourmaline ring. In your search, you come across a reference to the Egyptian legend that suggests that tourmaline’s unique color variations are due to the gem passing through a rainbow as it journeyed from the center of the earth.

2- This brings to mind your friend’s uncanny ability to help others see things with new eyes, and all the times she/he has brightened your day.

3- Thus the message accompanying your gift could read as follows:

Dear _______,

According to an ancient legend, tourmaline’s unique color variations are due to the gem passing through a rainbow.

You have been that sudden, unexpected rainbow so many times for me. Restoring brightness and color to my life when I was in the darkest moods. Thank you. May this Holiday Season bring as much beauty in your life as you bring to others, and more.

This strategy can be used whether you are offering a completed piece or a single gem and gift certificate to invite your friend’s own creation. And it works for any occasion.

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