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Workbench Journal – A Peek Over Silvio & Teresa’s Shoulders

Wednesday, 3:30 pm

The sun finally came out today, after what seemed like an eternity of clouds, rain and ice. It felt like spring, to the point that we could almost believe nature might skip winter altogether. Of course, it is better if winter takes its natural course, but the sun set the stage for an industrious day and that is a good thing.

Someone brought in random gold chains and rings recently, asking if Silvio might use these in a custom ring. Recycling gold and other metals can save a considerable amount of money on a custom piece, sometimes as much as $1,000 to $2,000 dollars. The desired design was in line with things to come: spring and nature.

As Silvio worked on melting the gold and shaping the ring, it momentarily looked at times like silver and at times like copper. It is a mutation of sorts that takes place as the metal is stretched and worked into shape, all the while holding back, as if it were keeping silent while the work is in progress. And then it shines.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Teresa is designing a new sliding band ring. She uses gold, silver and copper, assembling each part as directed by the inspiration of the moment. “I enjoy making these, mixing and matching the bands until they play together just right” she says. “It’s a fun ring, but it also looks very classy.”

Teresa’s Sliding Band Rings will be available in the shop this weekend.

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