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The Language Of Color – Part 2

Let’s first recap on yesterday’s colors. Red is the color of vitality, orange is for the vivacious social bug and yellow shifts the focus to wisdom and curiosity.

You do not have to believe any of this. However, there is always some truth to such beliefs. If anything, we can all agree that colors evoke emotions, memories and even states of being. This is why softer colors are typically used in establishments dealing with physical well-being.

At the very least, colors have a personal meaning. For instance, you know very well that you feel more confident in a certain outfit. Its cut, fit and color make you feel like the “real you.” Get the same cut outfit in a different color and you’ve lost your edge. Personal ornaments have the same power. They can elevate the mood or relax it, bring confidence and even alleviate fears. What’s more, they are often imbued with memories, and memories are brought to mind with visual cues, such as color, in the blink of an eye. Let’s resume our short color exploration with green, blue and purple.


Green is the color of hope, but more than this, it is the color of harmony. These days, it certainly brings to mind environmental harmony. It is believed that all cultures associate green with renewal. It symbolizes new growth. Individuals who love green are sociable, but in a very soft manner. They may take part in group-minded activities, even activism, but in a modest capacity, without drawing attention to themselves. Green is bold and expansive, but never invading. We cannot help but bring to mind our Vermont Serpentine. It blends in with its surroundings until light or water reveal its presence. Then it pokes the mind, demanding that we imagine the journey that brought it here and that we realize that everything is created in spite of fantastic odds. This is a great metaphor for hope.


Blue is a good example of what we were saying a moment ago when we talked about the choice of color in certain environments. Many health care establishments paint walls of waiting or exam rooms in a soothing, soft blue. This is the color of care and compassion. We also associate blue with the ocean, and thus with vastness and cleanliness. The waves cleanse the shore. It is said that people who love blue are caring and loyal. However, they are known for their logic rather than for their sentimentality. This is what keeps them loyal. They do not allow sentiment to get in the way of duty. Like the waves of the ocean, they always return to the same shores. Blue can evoke the sky, also. Again, in this capacity, it represents far-reaching compassion.


Purple spans from a coming together of red and blue. Like red, it is vibrant. Like blue, it can be soothing, especially when it is a softer tone. Purple is the color of royalty. Like the king or queen who sits alone on the throne, so does the person who loves purple stand apart. Often, they make great leaders or show a natural ability to mange projects and live a very orderly life. Many people who love this color prefer solitude to community, but they are highly respected community members nonetheless.

The meaning of colors is quite personal, but it is interesting to consider the attributes generally associated with each color. This can provide a playful and informative backdrop to examining one’s personal growth over time. By growth we mean change. As we change, overcome life’s tribulations, reach goals and so on, we tend to change our appearance as well. We choose new clothes, new jewelry, new hair styles.

We can use this information about color to help inspire change, or as a cue that something as shifted; to sooth the mood in difficult times, ours or that of a friend; to uplift, empower or relax. Gems of various colors can represent stages of life, people we love, qualities we wish to embody, keynotes to remember special moments.

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