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Jewelry – Totally About Mood

When it comes to deciding what jewelry to put on in the morning, focusing on fashionably correct color, style and placement can make you late for work. It can even dampen your mood.

Jewelry is an inspired art and as such it lends itself to those inspired, uncensored moments when you look at yourself in the mirror and realize you feel like wearing the turquoise bracelet. The truth is, you diminish the impact of that bracelet the moment you question whether it suits your current outfit or not. That moment changes how you’ll feel all day, how you’ll walk, even how confident you will be.

Never forget that jewelry is an accessory, and life is not a fashion show. You’ve seen those people who mix outfits and jewelry that would normally make the fashion police run away screaming, yet they pull it off. They are so radiant and at ease with themselves that you cannot help but smile and envy their sense of freedom. This, we believe, is what jewelry is all about; it’s about reflecting your inner spark.

Jewelry demands honesty. This is why we fall in love with a certain style or color. That is the tell-tale sign that we have just recognized, “this is me.” We have to dare to take this home, and wear it proudly every time it calls to us, because this is when we need it most.

As for toiling over adding the proper accent to your outfit, take pause whenever this question pops up and rephrase it: Ask not what you can wear to look good to the world; ask what in the world most uplifts you right now.

If the thought of changing to different jewelry because you just remembered that the green serpentine pendant makes you feel awesome when you wear that blouse, then go ahead and switch things around. If the change you have in mind does not add a smile to your face the moment you think of it, then it is most likely self-criticism and not worthy of another moment of your time.

Fashion rules are really quite simple, or at least they should be. It all boils down to this: Plainer clothes benefit from busy, colorful, eye-catching jewelry; More subdued, classic jewelry is usually quite suitable to ornate attires. Plain on plain is charming and elegant, but dare to add a shocking element. It is like friends and lovers. Opposites complement each other.

It’s spring. What to wear? What’s your mood?

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