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Workbench Journal – From India To Vermont

We say buy local and we pretty much act on our own words and values, but jewelry is one of those little pleasures that often bring together components from around the world. Art demands leniency, otherwise think of all the beauty we would never experience.

silvio - ring 01

Every single object we have ever created travels through time and across borders well beyond our own existence. Perhaps what matters most is how they touch our lives. Some are convenient, others bring a smile, a sense of confidence, a token of friendship, an anchor that brings the imagination back to a precious moment or experience.

Significance. This is an important word. We do not choose the things we bring into our lives randomly after all. They have significance.

A great ring catches the eye and begs to become a cherished possession. Depending on who made it, it may or may not have been put together with great care. Could it be that the ring itself has a destiny; to capture the heart of just the right person who will see its value in spite of its flaws? In the presence of such a heart, it secures a long and worthwhile life.

silvio - ring 02

This is the ring in question. “The only original parts are the diamonds and the plates into which they are set,” explains Silvio. “The entire ring was rebuilt with 18K and 22K gold, a new shank, setting and emerald.”

Thus it is that a gold ring fashioned in India, perhaps in the midst of some profitable marketing venture, found its way in the hands of a Vermonter and it is there that it fell apart, letting go, trusting, because it is there and nowhere else that it would most certainly be rescued instead of discarded.

Is it really that romantic, one may ask? Is jewelry ever not romantic?

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