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The Marquis’ New Ring

There lived a noble man who was a well-loved educator among his pupils. They affectionately called him “Le Marquis De Guyette.”

He frequently stopped by the jeweler’s shop. They had much in common you see. Both men loved history and art, and spent much time discussing all manners of creative dreams and endeavors.

One day, Le Marquis came upon a shining object that so captured the moment that he had to stop what he was doing and take it in his hand. It was a gold ring, but not of any ordinary sort. It looked like the signet rings of old, worn by dukes and kings and used to make an impression of their family crest in the warm, red wax that sealed important proclamations.

Being the creative man that he was, Le Marquis immediately envisioned the restoration of this regal piece so that it might take its place on his hand and continue its journey as an objet d’art. So he took the ring to his friend the jeweler.

Together they examined and pondered its many intricacies and even discovered a tiny, hinged door on the inside. Ha! The good time they had imagining what might have been hidden in this miniature treasure trunk. A small lock of hair from a beloved child or spouse, perhaps.

“The stamps on the inside suggest that this is an original,” observed the jeweler. “How can you tell?” asked Le Marquis. “Simply, modern stamps do not have such refined design,” explained the jeweler.

In that instant, it was decided that a mold would be made to allow the jeweler to reproduce the ring while leaving the original intact. Le Marquis selected a green tsavorite garnet to take the place of the signet that had once been the face of the ring. He was so pleased with his new ring that he asked his friend to make a second one for Madame La Marquise. For this, he selected a heart-shaped pink tourmaline.

And so their musings continued in later conversations. Where had the ring come from? What moments in history had it witnessed, silently? What documents had it sealed with solemn approval? Love letters?


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