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Workbench Journal – Palladium Beauty

Friday, 3 pm

A previous article, titled A New Ring for The Baker, highlighted a newly wax carved ring Silvio was about to send off to be cast. This method allows him to keep a mold. The dense, blue wax is used to shape and detail the larger components, such as the band. The red wax is softer and used to carve and design smaller, intricate details.

An old-fashioned gold ring provided the mine-cut diamonds to use in the new ring. Silvio used palladium for the band. It is as durable and uniquely attractive as platinum, but less expensive.


Palladium was a good choice for this particular ring, also, because its owner plans on wearing it daily and her work involves her hands quite a bit since she is a baker. For this reason, Silvio designed a low-profile ring with a smooth, rounded setting that will not be cumbersome.

Palladium is a good choice for individuals who have allergic reactions to other metals used in jewelry making. It was discovered in 1803 and named after the asteroid Pallas. The celestial phenomenon was still fresh in the minds of those who had seen it just two years earlier. However, it was not until about 1939 that palladium was used by jewelry designers.

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