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Little Hands – Summer Crafts For Kids

Children said goodbye to their teachers this week, some with sadness in their voices, but the moment it really sinks in that summer has officially begun, tears are promptly replaced with elation and thoughts of project upon project that suddenly seem to require immediate attention. There is a whole summer ahead and so much to do.

For parents, it means planning, playing along and coming up with ideas when the little ones suddenly need more inspiration. Here are two favorite sources that abound with creative ideas for sunny and rainy days, for the backyard or the kitchen table, for the lonely child or the make-believe camp-out by the garden with a few best friends. There should be enough ideas here to fill an entire summer. Enjoy!

The Long Thread

The Long Thread brings craft tutorials from other sources under one roof. The presentation is very appealing and easy to browse. Sun prints, paper bag bird’s nest, spring flower pinwheels, home-made play dough, seashell garden, mosaic bird bath and more, much, much more. You might be interested in beginning here: 50 Crafts for kids.

Inner Child Fun

Inner Child Fun abounds with not only craft project ideas, but hundreds of activity ideas, many of which include making the sets, puppets, crafts or game pieces required to complete the activity. The presentation is impeccable and dynamic. Just browsing through this site will make you feel like playing along.

Take a peak at What to do with the kids this summer. Suggestion No. 1 sets the stage: “DIY Sponge Bombs – perfect for an impromptu sponge bomb bucket toss game!”

Wishing you a colorful and creative summer!


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