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Peridot & Sardonyx – August Birthstones – Part 2

July 21 – August 20

Peridot and Sardonyx share the birthstone spotlight in August. We began this monthly post with peridot. Sardonyx will be the star gem today.

Sardonyx shares some of peridot’s attributes in its own manner. While peridot symbolizes purity, sardonyx is associated with integrity and strong bonds in relationships.

silvio - 0812

Sardonyx is also commonly used in setting the right energy in a house, room or space. This is accomplished by placing one sardonyx in each corner of the space to establish a “protection grid.” Whether this is indeed an efficient force field against harm and unwanted energies has not been confirmed scientifically, and as with any other such practices it does not matter. The mere ritual of choosing and placing the gems brings a sense of peace, and this has its own, real value.

This somewhat subdued gem, featuring earth tones layered with white bands, may not at first appear to have the glamor of the peridot, but its own soft beauty has afforded it an undeniable and enviable place amongst jewels. Indeed, because of its attractive and mystical layered appearance, sardonyx is a favorite gem in the fashioning of cameos. The Romans and Greeks frequently carried sardonyx engraved with heroic deities when going to battle. Images of Mars and Hercules, engraved in the layered gem, have been found in war-time talismans.

silvio - 0812 - 2

Sardonyx is a form of quartz and it is found on every continent.

Peridot is the primary birthstone for August, but this does not make sardonyx any less valuable. In fact, months with two birthstones provide the ability to choose the gem that is most fitting to one’s personality and mood, and the opportunity to select a variety of interchangeable, personal ornaments.

Finally, the name of this gem does not sound as glamorous as peridot or pearl, for example, and this is unfortunate. We wish to give it due justice by explaining its origin. The simple definition of sardonyx is as follows: An onyx with alternating brown and white bands of sard and other minerals.

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