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Workbench Journal – Sphene

Wednesday, 11 am

“24 karat gold is the purest gold. It is very malleable, as you can see,” points out Silvio as he cuts and begins to shape a strand that will become the bezel around a light green sphene. The client provided a sketch. Silvio refers to it from time to as every piece comes together, molding itself to gems and vision.

Even in these challenging economic times, we do not lose heart. We still dream. We still imagine and we still indulge in the things of value that bring us pleasure and keep art, nature and beauty close by.

Sphene is a rare gem whose chief characteristic is known as the “fire phenomenon.” This refers to its natural tendency to disperse light well within its core, like a prism, and thus release great brilliance. It is almost as though it has an inner light source of its own.

The word “sphene” (ph is pronounced f) is from the Greek for “wedge.” Again, this refers to the gem’s prism effect. While it is rare as a well-cut and uncommonly brilliant gem, sphene is actually a common mineral with wide distribution around the world. It is found in limestone, for example.

While sphene is the name used in the jewelry industry, titanite is another common appellation due the presence of titanium in this gem. Sphene is far more poetic, don’t you think?

Due to its softness relative to other gems, sphene is associated with gentleness of character and is used as an accessory to meditation.

silvio - 1016 - sphene

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