In Gratitude

A tour around the studio. Thoughts of gratitude. Our work space is a landscape where every item has a story. But more than this; as a witness of time, every item has the potential to inspire a new idea, a new process, a new insight. The hammer that was placed in its cubicle brings to mind the piece it helped shape moments or hours ago; it causes earlier, dormant thoughts to re-surface for examination. Did the piece feel like it was coming together with ease, or was it a challenge? Was anything learned from this? What new strategy can it inspire? What did the artist do or not do yesterday that can be done even better today? All of this from a glimpse around the workbench, where every single tool marks time well spent. Thank you for your place in the story of our days.

Silvio & Teresa


About Ornament Studio

Born in Tunisia of fourth generation Italian jewelers, Silvio Mazzarese continues the tradition of artisanship begun by his great-great grandfather. Silvio is a very well-established master jeweler in New Mexico, where he lived for twenty-five years prior to moving to Vermont, where he and wife Teresa Bobel Mazzarese established Ornament Studio in 2008. Custom Design - Gold, Silver, Platinum - Repair & Sizing - Polish, Refresh, Redesign - All Done on the Premises. Free Estimates. View all posts by Ornament Studio

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