Where Are You Going With Those Earrings?

When do you wear your favorite, most stunning earrings? For casual gatherings with friends or for a night out at the theater?

As you might imagine, classic earrings can make even a t-shirt and jeans look classy. Conversely, casual jewelry can add a distinguished touch to a very elegant outfit. Contrast is always a great ally. And then let’s not forget mood. All jewelry looks best with a spark in the eye and a smile on your face.

When determining what earrings to wear, the occasion is actually the last thing to consider. Here is a simple 3-step rule to select the right earrings for the occasion: 1- Consider the shape of your face. 2- What is your hair style today? 3- What is the occasion?

1- Your Face – A round or square face is balanced out with long, dangling earrings. Stud earrings and small loop earrings are ideal for a long face. Bring equilibrium to a large forehead and pointy chin with dangling earrings that are narrower at the top and slightly larger at the bottom.

2- Your Hair – Complement long or shoulder-length hair with stud or short loop earrings. The stud or loop shape add just the right contrast to the long hair strands. Long dangling earrings add an elegant touch to a classic bun. Short hair offers a unique set of scenarios. In this case, pay attention to the shape of your face and to the style of your collar. Choose studs with a color that comes up against the neck, short dangling or hoops with a lower collar.

3- Where Are You Going? To work? Opt for short, practical earrings. Work is not a beauty contest. You want to look clean and confident, not threatening. Job interviews are the one occasion where it is easy to make a fashion faux-pas. Here, again, go for conservative elegance. You want the focus on you, not on your dazzling jewelry. Save the dazzling bangles for your night out at a fancy dinner.

Notice that we did not focus specifically on materials and components, such as gold and gem types and cuts. Diamonds are always elegant, but so are ancient coin earrings with a stunning hair-do and outfit. In the end, listen to your intuition. You instinctively know which of your favorite earrings make you feel at your best in any given situation.

When choosing jewelry, especially earrings, avoid trying to figure out “What will make the greatest impression.” Instead, always ask yourself, “What would make me feel great today?” This is a sure way to add that assurance that helps you savor the moment and that spark to your eye that draws people to you.


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Born in Tunisia of fourth generation Italian jewelers, Silvio Mazzarese continues the tradition of artisanship begun by his great-great grandfather. Silvio is a very well-established master jeweler in New Mexico, where he lived for twenty-five years prior to moving to Vermont, where he and wife Teresa Bobel Mazzarese established Ornament Studio in 2008. Custom Design - Gold, Silver, Platinum - Repair & Sizing - Polish, Refresh, Redesign - All Done on the Premises. Free Estimates. View all posts by Ornament Studio

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