Elements Of Style, One Stunning Summer Morning

It is a beautiful summer morning. Not too hot. One of those mornings that feel good for no particular reason. One of those mornings when deciding on the right thing to wear is effortless, as if we suddenly had a glimpse at who we are and no doubt at all that this is the truth. A simple, beautiful morning can do that.

silvio - 0722 - landscape

Here in the Northeast we experience four distinct seasons. The world atmosphere is a mixture of natural and political weather systems. It shapes the landscape of our surroundings and the landscape of our moods. It shapes us.

This, inevitably, is reflected in art and in our choice of personal attire and ornamentation. Have you noticed your own style change as you’ve navigated through the ups and downs of recent years? Are you becoming more assertive and bold? More reserved? Our most cherished jewelry can be simple or elaborate, but it always grounds and comforts us, somehow.

What would you wear for a photo shoot against a backdrop of mountains, sunshine and soft clouds? In that stillness where storms and conflict do not invade mind and peace? In that moment when you believe in grand possibilities for yourself and for the world? Something bold, perhaps. Something that says, “This is the ground upon which I stand and this is what I believe.”

silvio - 0722 - jewels


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