Splendid Serpentine Crusher

Friday, 10 am

Silvio takes a moment away from the workbench to show his latest find: a heavy serpentine crushing tool.

“Many of these stones were clearly cut and shaped by hand, not by the tumbling action of the river. Stones that were harvested to make tools are shaped in very specific ways. All of them have key features that are not found in river-tumbled rocks,” explained Silvio in our previous article .

Serpentine is a very dense stone. It is difficult to chip, but pieces that are chipped away with great effort made the most durable tools. And large serpentine were useful as well.

Silvio points to the flat surface on one side of the large stone. “A river can’t do this. This is man-made. This huge one was use as a crusher, most likely for grain. The smaller one was a burnisher. The flat surface is not just flat, it’s almost polished, from rubbing. This tool was used to smooth out pottery.”


The larger stone offers another clue about the serpentine, specifically about its name. This is not evident in smaller pieces, but here you can see the texture of the rock, resembling snake or reptile skin.

Ask Silvio to show you this magnificent specimen the next time you stop by the shop. You will be able to feel for yourself how these stone tools are so perfectly shaped for the tasks they were meant to perform.

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