A Parlor Trick For a Stuck Ring & a Smooth Hand for That Wedding Band

We’ve all had to resort to soap to remove a ring at one point or another, but what if you cannot put a ring on and it’s your wedding day?

When shopping for a wedding band, the jeweler has the right tools to determine the exact ring size for your finger, but as you probably know, and as he or she may explain, our fingers change in volume depending on the time of day, the season, even depending on our moods and the foods we ate recently. And the longer you stay on your feet, the more likely you are to find that your rings feel a bit tighter and your fingers a bit puffy.

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The go-to solution for a stuck ring is soap, but thought you might enjoy adding a new trick to your ring-removal savoir-faire. You never know when this may come in handy during a dinner conversation that needs new life. In fact, this trick can mesmerize children and adults alike even if your ring is not stuck at all. All you’ll need is dental floss and a table.

How To Remove a Stuck Ring, Parlor Trick Style –

1. Thread a 24″ length of dental floss into a sewing needle.

2. With the palm of your hand facing down, slip the thread under your ring, needle eye first (so you do not risk pricking your finger). You only need about 1″ of the floss to come out on the other side. The longest length stretches out toward your finger tips.

3. Wind the longest length of floss up around your finger and over the knuckle as tight as possible without causing pain or cutting off circulation.

4. Press the tip of the longest length down against the table with the finger next to the one bearing the ring.

5. Keep your fingers straight and apart. Grab the shortest length of floss and begin to unwind it from finger bottom to top.

6. Watch the ring follow through, upward and off.

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How to Make Sure You Can Slip on That Wedding Band –

Now, on the most important day of your life, a stuck ring is the least of your worries, but not being able to slip on that wedding band can land you on the most viewed hall of fame on You Tube, or it can feel like a most embarrassing moment. If you’re up for the funny video, read no further. If you prefer a smooth and seamless wedding day, there are three ways to ensure a perfect ring moment.

1. The bride’s finger may be swollen more than the groom’s. This is just nature. Either powder the base of the ring finger or apply a bit of Vaseline just prior to the ceremony.

2. Plan on having something in your ring hand; flowers, vows and such. This will be your prop to remember to hold your hand up above the waist. This in turn helps reduce swelling.

3. Allow enough time to sit and relax (or at least just sit) for 30 minutes or more prior to the ceremony. Keep your hands on your lap or on a table top. Better yet, plan a ceremony where you will be sitting part-way through.








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