Workbench Journal – Stack Rings From Bits & Pieces

Wednesday, 2 pm

We do not know our destiny until we get there. Isn’t that true? It is only in hindsight, often in a moment of sudden clarity, that we realize we have become who we had dreamed of being. In truth, in such moments, it is not rare to realize that we have in fact become more than we expected.

Art, any art, is much the same. We begin with an idea, materials, tools and a grand design. Somewhere along the way, the transformation expands beyond our vision, revealing a new form we could not have imagined in the first place. Divine intervention? We cannot help but wonder. At the very least, this is evidence of some naturally occurring grand plan. Creation gains momentum; momentum changes the course of creation.

A pendant, stud earring and odd pieces of jewelry inspired these thoughts as they landed at the workbench in search of new expression. They serve as metaphor. How often do we abandon ourselves when we cannot be certain of our destiny, only to somehow pick up the pieces of our life and get there anyway, to an even better place.

A pendant, stud earring and odd pieces of jewelry had outlived their original significance. They could have been thrown away, or forgotten in a box. Instead, somehow, they inspired a new destiny. No. Wait. Perhaps it is not even a new destiny. If only they could speak, they might say, “Yes. This is where we were heading all along. We just did not know it until now.”

And now, the possibilities are endless.

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