Workbench Journal – 2013 Review

Monday, 3:30

It is easy to lose track. One project leads to the next and all are intertwined over time, a bit like the links and many parts of a long chain. You start at the beginning, and the beginning becomes the middle and then a pause for another beginning.

The hands accomplish the work under the watchful eye of the mind’s eye. Yet at the same time the mind is already designing the next link, the next step… and the next idea emerges in the midst of it all.

In a way, everything undergoes exactly the same process, just as, in a way, we repeat the same scenarios year after year in our lives, but in the midst of these cycles there is always enough variation to create an entirely new chapter, somehow. We always approach life with slightly different knowledge and different intentions each year. Thus we mold a new story. The same is true at the jeweler’s workbench. Here, too, even routine steps give shape to new form, because it is ideas that shape form, not the steps themselves.

Here, then, is a brief review of the forms that took shape in 2013 at the workbench… thanks to you.

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