Pastels, Contrast & Equilibrium in 2014

The Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2013 predicted bold colors. This year is all about contrast.

Pantone is the world authority on color, setting standards across many industries from fashion to general product design. Pantone observes and instructs choices and behavior trends in design, manufacturing and retail.

A recent Huffington Post article titled, Spring 2014 Fashion Trends: Outfits We’ll Be Wearing Next Year, very succinctly highlights the key notes of designer’s perspective for Spring 2014. Of color, it states that it will be artful, rich and dramatic, even regal.

Pastels will have a significant place on the palette, but they will reign by virtue of contrast with bold lines, materials and other colors. “Pastels this season aren’t about being so airy you float away,” suggests the article. “In fact, they’re a great contrast to more powerful designs.”

It is important to highlight that metallic colors and fabrics are back this year, perhaps as a reminiscent glimpse from the 90’s, or rather a bridge between the era when we imagined a robotic future and this current time when polished steel has entered our homes and our lives as a pristine new version of common, yet evolved appliances and surfaces. Metals are at once eons from the natural fiber of wood, yet deeply connected to the natural essence of the earth.

The 2014 Pantone Fashion Report refers to equilibrium. “Designers take a modern twist on the traditional for spring 2014 by pairing soft pastels with vivid brights to create a colorful equilibrium.” This, indeed, is the right word.

Gems allow the boldness and fluidity of colors to come forth. On a soft backdrop of color, they bring that sense of visual equilibrium. We must think beyond the surface, however, for your choice of accessories is your artistic message to the word about what lies beneath. The equilibrium you achieve with your choreography of outfits and ornaments is your statement of personal confidence and balance.

The jeweler may design your accessories; but you design your own style and attitude. Likewise, this year’s colors reflect an attitude, or mood. For example, again according to Pantone, soft blues and purples evoke calmness; reds, yellows and oranges suggest optimism and spontaneity.

We are multi-layered. Our choice of colors is never happenstance. You define yourself with every accessory. This year’s trends seem to tell us that we are becoming increasingly confident. This, too, can be a sign of greater equilibrium. Let your colors inspire the world.

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