Of Digits & Rings – Middle, Index & Thumb Too

We’ve talked about the pinky and the heart finger. Let’s resume our exploration by beginning on the other side of the hand, with the thumb.

The thumb ring is common in many cultures outside of America where it is understood to symbolize the high-ranking situation of one who has much influence and, essentially, much wealth. In America, the thumb ring is associated with confidence, which in a sense is a form of influential stance.

Aesthetically, the thumb ring demands boldness, but without fanfare. A wide band without protruding elements is usually more comfortable as well as more pleasing to the eye. A very busy thumb ring can put the hand out of balance visually. Interestingly, and you might have noticed this already, most fingers will feel comfortable with a certain style of ring more than another, and usually it is precisely the style that fits and looks best. We have a natural instinct for balance and beauty.

Some men who do much manual work, such as carpentry, prefer a thumb ring because it is less cumbersome while they work. By contrast, many people find it difficult to get used to a middle finger ring, although this particular digit is somewhat more neutral when it comes to ring symbolism.

However, as the central digit, the middle finger is sometimes associated with responsibility. A middle finger ring can anchor the hand. Worn on its own, on both hands, it can convey the disposition of one who is straightforward and does not play games.

You may find it interesting that most people who choose to wear a middle finger ring choose silver rather than gold. The middle finger’s astrological companion is Saturn, whose companion metal is lead, a silvery metal.

And last but not least, the index, or pointer finger. The index is the finger of high nobility. Ha yes, the pinky might appear to be the finger of choice for high society, as it holds its head up proudly while you sip on that cup of Early Gray, but the index finger is the bearer of the family crest, or the signet ring that used to be worn by lords and kings. This is the instrument they used to sign letters and official documents. Its face was engraved with the family crest. This was pressed into warm wax to seal the deal, so to speak.

The index finger ring has retained its special designation as a witness to leadership and authority. Today, fraternity and membership rings are typically worn on this finger, although some people do prefer the pinky. Jupiter is the celestial body for this finger. It is closely linked with leadership and honor.

There you have it. An entire hand of digits to display artfully designed ornaments that speak of your style, values and journey all at once. Of course, you do not need a particular reason to place a ring on any finger. However, in many cases the symbolism associated with each ring finger is ancient and as such it is a part of our collective and individual history.

The next time you choose to place a new ring on a particular finger, ask yourself what its deep meaning might be for you. You may find that some of the cultural symbolism strikes a chord with you.

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