Of Digits & Rings – Heart Finger

Previously, we saw that a pinky ring may indicate a woman’s lack of interest in romance, at least for a while. This is no longer a common practice and the daintiest of fingers is now a good subject for stylish ornamentation.

The ring finger, however, has retained its significance through the ages and this is true for both hands. The wedding band is worn on the left hand throughout North and South America. In Europe and the UK, the right hand is more commonly the proper place for spouses to adorn the symbol of their union.

In either case, this finger is also known as the heart ring, due to the belief that a blood vessel connects it directly to the heart, the center of romance.

We still associate conventional wedding band and engagement ring designs with the union of two people, but there is a clear shift from convention in many modern designs that stray, sometimes drastically, from the traditional shape. Many couples prefer a design that is more directly linked to their unique stories and creativity,  incorporating such features as mountain outlines, for example, and adding images or components that stray from the norm. Here are a few examples from the Ornament Studio archives.

In addition to its connection to romance, the heart finger is associated with creativity, fittingly so, and with the moon. However, silver is said to be the metal most closely associated with the moon, not gold.

Wedding bands were traditionally made of gold at a time when only the man wore a band on his finger, given to him as part of his new bride’s dowry. Today, many choose platinum instead of gold, for its mesmerizing white sheen and more affordable price. A combination of gold and silver is popular also, not to mention quite stylish.

Three fingers to go…

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