Of Digits & Rings – The Pinky

If you are thinking about purchasing a ring as a gift, or having one custom designed, you probably have a style in mind. However, did you know that traditional beliefs and cultural meanings are associated with the placement of a ring on the hand?

Not everyone knows this, though in the end it is always a matter of taste and comfort. For instance, you may like the appearance of a delicate ring on a friend’s pinky, but when you try one on your own pinky it feels totally out-of-place and cumbersome. While you do not have to adhere to traditional ring significance, it is very interesting to learn about this.

silvio - 1210 - pinky ring
Some meanings are still familiar to us today. The best examples are the promise ring (engagement ring) and the wedding band. Here’s a brief look at other ring fingers and their meaning through time. If you are making a gift, you might consider adding such facts in a card, for your beloved or friend’s enjoyment.

Humans have been wearing jewelry for thousands of years, and it is only in the past century or so that this has become a fashion statement, rather than a practice based in tradition. For example, let’s consider the pinky finger again. Did you know that a simple band placed on a woman’s left pinky used to indicate that the dear lady wished to remain single?

The pinky is of special interest because it is the only ring finger not typically associated with religious meaning. As with the other fingers, however, it does find significance from the point of view of astrology. You may or may not hold astrology as a true science. If you don’t, simply consider this aspect of the pinky finger as a poetic expression. Again, this provides good opportunity to inspire the words you might choose to jot down on a card for the recipient of your gift. In other words, be colorful.

The pinky finger is associated with the planet Mercury and with intelligence in dealings with others. You might wear a ring on your pinky if you are a natural public speaker, since this would be the mark of one possessing the ability to convey clear ideas and to win the respect of others while doing so.

On a more practical note, a ring on the pinky might feel conveniently out-of-the-way when manipulating objects, although if you still write with a pen or pencil, or if you draw, you might find it more comfortable to place a pinky ring on the opposite hand.

A pinky ring does not have to be very big to make a good impression, and it can add a stunning touch since it stands out on a highly visible side of the hand.

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