Teresa’s Workbench – Madonna & Child

Tuesday, 2:30 PM

Silvio stands for a moment, to stretch his back. He is completely absorbed in sketching a new ring design and it seems wrong to take his attention away from the creative process.

It can be very challenging, in a good way that is, to balance ideas between the jeweler’s vision and a client’s own. This requires good communication and an open mind.

The sound of movement upstairs reveals that Teresa may be sitting at her own bench. It has been a while since she’s had a chance to give in to her own creative moods and so this seems an appropriate time to venture up the stairway and knock gently at her door.

silvio - 1119 - 1

On her bench, several medieval silver coins are lined up in their respective gold settings. These will be earrings. They are already accounted for. It is the Holiday season after all.

The coins come from Hungary and date back to between the 1500’s and 1600’s. They are much thinner than silver coins made earlier. By the late Middle ages, metal artisans had learned to manage their resources. They were able to produce highly detailed coins with less silver.

One face of these coins features the Madonna and Child. The reverse shows a  distinct numeral year. While the date is of great interest as a mark of history, the Madonna and Child image lends to this ancient currency its unique appeal as a piece of jewelry. It makes an elegant and meaningful gift for a mother.

silvio - 1119 - 3

“These will be earrings,” explains Teresa as she carefully smooths a very thin gold bezel against fine sandpaper. “The fact that they are so thin makes them very easy on the ears. They are extremely popular. We get many orders this time of year.”

Order your own Madonna & Child Jewelry at info@ornamentstudio.com or in person.


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