Workbench Journal – Of Crystal & Tea Balls

Tuesday, 3 PM

Earlier, on Facebook, we posted a photo of two elegant crystal wine glasses. Since you are curious to find out how these might be related to jewelry making, we will reveal the answer to this question at once.


Jane, from The Village Sampler, right next door to Silvio and sharing the same main entrance, brought these in to ask whether any of Silvio’s tools might be used to fix their chipped lip and make them safe to use again. Indeed, she came to the right place and both glasses were as good as new within minutes.


Incidentally, if you have heirloom glass or crystal pieces with rough edges in need of smoothing out, do not hesitate to bring them in. They are usually rather inexpensive to fix and to restore to pristine beauty and value.

Now to the other item on our agenda today, also mentioned on Facebook earlier when we announced that we would reveal another trade secret. This is not an alien device found along with fragments of meteorite. It is a tea ball.


A client brought in a couple of diamonds to set in new earring heads. Silvio secured the settings and then uses the tea ball to keep the earrings in place while they sit in a cleaning solution in the sonic cleaner. The tea ball keeps the earrings (or other small jewelry components) from settling to the bottom of the cleaning solution. This ensures thorough cleaning all around.


At home, you can also use a tea ball to clean small items that might otherwise be dropped and lost down the drain.

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