Workbench Journal – Limestone Earrings Anyone?

Tuesday, 3 PM

Did you have to read that title twice?

The word limestone conjures up images of gigantic blocks of concrete, canyon walls and fossils. There is truth in all of this, of course, and we rarely consider the beauty of this sedimentary rock.

Limestone formed undersea and it consists in a mixture of minerals and fragments from marine organisms. The limestone we find on the surface of the earth is what remained after receding sea water completely evaporated.

Its ability to sustain humidity makes limestone an excellent building material. It is actually quite versatile and is used in road beds and as a filler in paints and toothpaste. It lends itself to beautiful jewelry design as well.

silvio - 0910 - dentrite 1

We mentioned earlier how the word limestone may bring to mind images of fossils imbedded in ancient rocks. Dendritic Limestone is also called “pseudo-fossil stone” due to the designs that appear to form animal or plant-like shapes within the rock. This occurs naturally when sediments transported by water move through tiny fissures in the limestone, leaving deposits over time. These are called dendrites, and may look like wings, feathers, tree branches and even entire, mysterious landscapes.

The Golden Eye, in Santa Fe, periodically sends Silvio the materials and specifications for custom jewelry to replenish their display. Today, he is spending some time working on a pair of gold earrings featuring Dendritic Limestone. In this case, the two small, rectangular stones feature a zebra-like design. They will look very distinguished in their gold settings.

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