Rutilated Quartz, Hipstamatic Style

Wednesday, 3 pm

Hipstamatic is a nifty phone app that allows the user to capture square photographs of stunning clarity. The inspiration behind this app is an also nifty little camera developed in the 1980’s as a portable, any day, any place, any ordinary person camera.

It was really a cool concept, but it turned into a commercial flop. Its reincarnation via cell phone technology is pure genius. Everybody (of a certain age perhaps) remembers the gadget. It is a cultural icon with an enduring story.

Silvio has been experimenting with this app for a while now, and it gives a whole new dimension to his photographs. As for shop photography, the clever app seems wonderfully geared to this sort of creative imaging. It is purely impeccable. See the difference between the same two quartz, from an ordinary iPhone camera at left and with the Hipstamatic at right. Which brings us to the inspiration for this post: Rutilated Quartz.

“I got these years ago,” says Silvio, “It was so long that I do not remember where they come from.”

Rutile is a mineral that is found in quartz and other gems. It can be yellow or reddish or black. Even when they are polished to similar shapes, the rutile inclusion lends a unique quality to the quartz, and to how light travels through it.

When asked what he imagined these small but stately stalagmite-like quartz might inspire in way of jewelry (the tallest is about the length of a lady’s pinky finger), Silvio suggested, “They would be ideal for a pendant. I would make the setting at the largest end, with the point facing down, and perhaps add a cabochon-style gem at the top. It would have to be another quartz or another gem that does not overpower the bottom piece.”

And with this, an image forms on the mind; that cabochon-style, organic app we carry on our shoulders that is forever concocting changing images.


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