Peridot & Sardonyx – August Birthstones – Part 1

July 21 – August 20

August is another month that is not satisfied with one birthstone only. And why should it be? Both the peridot and sardonyx are stunning, though we must say the peridot is our favorite.

silvio - 0805 - 1

Peridot forms deeply within the earth and requires the assistance of volcanoes to travel to the surface. In Hawaii, peridot is said to be the gem of Pele, the goddess of volcanoes and fire. Peridot can be found in China, Pakistan, Egypt and Myanmar as well.

The preferred peridot color in jewelry making is by far its rich, lime green, but it exists in a wide range of colors ranging from yellow to olive-green to brown.

The first Crusades took place between 1096 and 1099. This is the time when peridot was first brought to Europe, from Egypt. The Egyptians had been using this gem in their ornaments for thousands of years.

The first Christians considered peridot to be a sacred gem, one that represented purity. This belief found its place in the attire of Catholic bishops whose ring traditionally included peridot. Since it is linked to purity, peridot is an especially fitting gem for engagements. Napoleon himself is said to have offered his dear Josephine a stunning peridot to symbolize his devotion and love.

Peridot is often associated with mood; more specifically with the ability to guard the wearer against negative emotions. Another longstanding belief suggests that whoever recognizes the beauty of peridot will also be relieved of any nagging concerns about personal well-being.

Whether this is an actual attribute of the gem is not documented, but one thing is certain, its beauty does have the ability to shift one’s focus. In doing so, who is to say it does not actually change how a person sees their own circumstances. Beautiful works of art change lives, after all, even after gazing upon them for mere moments.

If the peridot is your birthstone, the gladiolus is your flower and you are sincere. This is meant also in the sense of strength of character.

silvio - 0805 - 2

Continue with the Sardonyx.

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