Silvio’s Workbench – Angel & Pixie

Tuesday, 3 pm

This summer has been challenging for many. The artist is not the only one who must bring a creative mind to the tasks of the day. All of us must be creative geniuses in our own ways in order to navigate through work and life. The weather can energize us; and it can just as well turn an ordinary day into a struggle. It is up to us to find our own pace.

For Silvio, this means stepping away for a short time now and then, for a stroll. Nature, even in the heat and rain, retains its restorative powers. Meanwhile, as usual, several projects take shape in due course.

Currently, on the workbench: Teardrop earrings and a prototype angel for The Golden Eye, in Santa Fe.

And then, it is not only a stroll by the river that feeds the imagination and sparks new energy. Sometimes, an impromptu visit from a mischievous pixie takes Silvio away from the bench for a brief instant.

“Can I show you my favorite one?” asks Valentina, standing by the display case with wide eyes and a smile that could melt away the troubles of the world. “It’s this pink quartz. I could look at it forever.” Silvio suggests that now that he knows what she wants, he can find something similar for her. “No,” she commands, “Nothing can be as beautiful as this.”

The angel is set aside for a brief instant, the time of an impromptu chat with a pixie. In that moment, work and family merge and bring to light the richness of the artist’s life. This, too, fuels his creativity.


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