If I am fire…

“If I am fire, then you must be wood.” – Leonard Cohen.

When fire has consumed wood and exhausted the air, both disappear into ashes. It sounds finite and dramatic from the perspective of something that burns down to nothing, but from the perspective of love it is about becoming inflamed as one. From the perspective of the jeweler’s workbench, it is transformation.

Tuesday morning. Silvio just completed two wedding bands based on a drawing local clients brought in. “They were referred to me by another local person,” explains Silvio. “I so appreciate how people I have done work for send me other clients. It always surprises me in a way. I don’t think I will ever stop feeling grateful for this.”

The couple is getting married this September. They wanted something simple and related to the textures of nature. A ring of tree bark, like the rings of a tree, marking its time on earth, cast in silver for eternity. It is a fitting image for the union of two soul mates who want to mark a common life path.

“I cast these from wax. It’s a slow and detailed process. You cannot rush this, or carve out large chunks at once. It has to be done little by little. It took three days to carve both rings. Then they were cast in Sterling Silver.”

The clients kindly agreed to let Silvio make a mold. “Now I can skip the wax carving for this design and reproduce it with other rings,” he points out.

This is how it is with the creative process. One piece leads to another, one chance encounter with a client sparks new ideas, new connections, new friendships.



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