Iron Meets Opal

What do you get when you put a blacksmith and a goldsmith in the same room? Alchemy.

These are individuals who transform matter with their bare hands. When they look at raw materials, they see a realm of possibilities in every angle and every curve.

Silvio made a mesmerizing Australian opal, silver and gold pendant some time ago, for Chad Blasch, blacksmith and farrier, owner of Next Generation Hoofcare, in Jeffersonville. When he and Chad originally met, Silvio had a few iron-based pieces of jewelry incorporating gemstones in the shop. These caught Chad’s eye.

Recently, Chad fashioned an iron bracelet for himself. He returned to Silvio with this and selected an opal to provide the right final touch to his work. Silvio made a fine silver bezel for the opal. In this particular instance, he had to rivet the bottom plate of the bezel to the bracelet since solder does not bind well with iron. This is imperceptible, of course, and ensures a powerful bond, as if the iron and opal had promised unshakable kinship.

It almost seems inevitable that a blacksmith should find inspiration for personal ornamentation in his own art. Not only does his work represent his skills, then, but it also becomes an heirloom that will carry the story of one man from generation to generation.

Also Read – Opal & The Timeless Spiral Sun, about a previous piece Silvio made for Chad.


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