A Bracelet for Bobbi

Saturday, 2 pm

Another rainy day in Vermont. As much as we wish for sunshine, the rain provides the right atmosphere to focus on the workbench.

Silvio completed a new bracelet this week. It was made to order, using elements brought in by Bobbi Rooney, owner of Tangles Salon, in Johnson. Working with clients in designing a piece that embodies their vision is always an enjoyable process. It is also a good challenge. The jeweler must capture the tastes and personality of the client without ever being indiscreet in the process of identifying these.

This is where conversation is so important. Designing a custom piece takes place in the process of discussing the piece and its significance, exchanging ideas about life even. It is not a purely mechanical process. It cannot be purely mechanical, for the final product must have soul.

“I’ve made several pieces for Bobbi and a few months ago she brought me very pretty blue-green cut-glass earrings. These were a gift from her father who had passed away and so they had great sentimental value,” recalls Silvio. “She asked me to make a bracelet using them. I suggested the design. In talking with Bobbi, over time, I think I’ve come to have a good sense of her tastes, so it was easy to decide what style of bracelet I would make.”

silvio - 0629 - 1

The style of the glass played a role in determining the style of the bracelet also. Jewelry must have the right flow, harmonious lines that highlight a focal point. The glass was cut in the rose-cut style, which means the earrings were probably authentic antiques. Silvio decided on a hinged, flat, sterling silver bracelet. The rose-cut glass makes a bold and elegant statement against this style.

“Bobbi often sends people my way. I am very grateful for this and am glad I could work on a piece that is very meaningful to her,” concludes Silvio.


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