Alexandrite, Moonstone & Pearl – June Birthstones

June 21 – July 20

This June, on the 23rd to be precise, we will witness a spectacular display of magnificence from the moon. The Moonstone is one of three birthstones for this month. It shares the glory with the pearl and Alexandrite. Since we are but days away from a super-moon as of this writing, it is fitting to begin with the moonstone.

silvio - 0617 - moonstone

We have surely mentioned Pliny the Elder many times on this blog. He was a Roman natural historian who lived in the 1st century AD. It is he who gave its name to the moonstone. During his time, and well into the 1500’s, common belief stated that this particular gem changed in appearance according to the phases of the moon. The “changing moods” of this stunning gem was later called “adularescence.” This term refers to a floating play of light.

In India, the moonstone was considered a sacred gem and it was believed to bring good fortune. Indeed, many believed that a benevolent spirit dwelt within, ready to be summoned to bring good tidings to its owner.

The moonstone is considered to be a very personal gem. It is associated with keen perception and it reflects a person’s true nature. It is also the gem of passion. According to legend, receiving a moonstone from a lover, or giving one as a gift, ensures long-lasting passion. Lastly, the moonstone is the gem of the goddess Diana. In Roman mythology, she is the goddess of hunting and birthing also.

You can see how powerful images and beliefs have accompanied the moonstone through time. If indeed it reflects the true nature of its owner, then this person is likely honest, brave and a seeker of truth.

silvio - 0617 - moon

As for the moon itself, while common belief associates dramatic weather and geological events with the super-moon, NASA scientists remind us that this is not accurate. During a super-moon, the sun, earth, and moon are aligned. The earth finds itself in between the two celestial bodies.

Super-moons appear much larger than usual because of greater proximity to the earth. It is a stunning sight. It is like a gem that has been set in such a way as to emphasize its best attributes. Like the gem, it has a presence that renders the viewer speechless, in awe before nature. If your birthday is on June 23, make sure to take your celebration out-of-doors.

If the Moonstone is your birthstone, the rose is your flower and you are a passionate individual in all that you do.

silvio - 0617 - rose

An overview of the Alexandrite and Pearl will follow in the days to come.

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