An Impromptu Visit with Teresa

Tuesday, 10 am. Silvio was on his way out the door to go teach a short French workshop at Cambridge Elementary. Upstairs, the rhythmic sound of a hammer tapping. Teresa must be enjoying a few moments to herself at the workbench. It is difficult to resist an impromptu visit.

silvio - 0528 s & t

First, a word with Silvio before he steps out. Every day demands a strategy. Teresa then resumes her work on a new dog ID order.

“For a while there were several posts in a row on the Front Porch Forum about dogs that had sneaked out of their yards and were roaming the neighborhood. I thought we’re right here in town and we have the ability to make simple name tags, so why not offer this service?” explains Teresa between the stump, stump, stump of the hammer against each individual letter.

silvio - 0528 punch

Of course, most dogs wear a license, but this does not provide the owner’s phone number and address. With this information, a runaway pup can be returned home in a matter of minutes. As much as we train our dogs to stay nearby, you never know when some teasing squirrel or imaginary monster will get those four legs running faster than Fido can remember to stick with the humans. Quick look at the name tag with phone number and he could be home for supper even before anyone realizes what happened.

“The process is primitive,” observes Teresa with a smile, “but my intention is to offer something practical, not to make a fashion statement. All I want is to recover the cost of materials, and $5 does just that. It’s only fair and it can help keep dogs safe.”

As you can see, other projects are in process on Teresa’s workbench. However, there have been several requests for dog tags and this is the priority at the moment. You never know what the next monster will tempt the otherwise most obedient dog into a fancy flight.

Since there are human emergencies as well, we must mention that ornament Studio is now equipped with a special tool to clip rings right off the finger when emergency removal is required, as in the case of hand injuries or extreme swelling, for instance. In an urgent situation, call 760-9987 (until around 9 pm). Silvio or Teresa can meet you at the shop after hours if necessary.

Order Dog ID Tags HERE



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