Vermont Serpentine – Stone to Gem

silvio - 0425

Earlier this week, we posted pictures of cut and polished Serpentine Silvio had just received back from the lapidary*. The sterling silver ring above features one of these beautiful Vermont gems and the large stones accompanying it in the photograph are Serpentine in the rough, much like the one that gave birth to the gem in the ring.

Silvio collected the raw Serpentine in the Cambridge area. “Whenever I send these to the to be cut,” he says, “The gemologist always points out the quality, hardness and beauty of Vermont Serpentine.”

“Vermont Serpentine is often called Vermont Jade,” further explains Silvio. “But it is not jade. It is at a stage before becoming jade.”

The components of Vermont Serpentine are unique. It contains minerals that greatly contribute to its qualities and sheen: gold, nickel and chromium among others. “I have found Serpentine with gold right here in Cambridge,” notes Silvio. “Typical Serpentine or jade is mostly green, but these gems feature many colorful inclusions and some are even translucent.”

Serpentine has been used in jewelry making for thousands of years and is still a gem of choice today.

silvio - 0422 - 1

*Lapidary: One who cuts and polishes gems.

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