Silvio’s Workbench – An Engagement & Serpentine Comfort

Friday, 3:30

Today, the Ornament Studio and The Village Sampler signs dance, propelled by a strong, warm wind. A walk behind the studio, toward the river, reveals burgeoning trees. Snow covered the ground just a week ago. Now it is time to plant, to clean, to make a fresh start and it is wedding season.

A visitor from New York State brought Silvio a ring he acquired from his grandmother. It embodies the story of a woman who lived during what may be the only true last generation to connect us to a time when technology was not at the center of our days. Parts of it will accompany a new chapter in history as Silvio creates an engagement ring from its central diamond and some of its gold.

slivio - 0419

To this, Silvio will add two minuscule Brazilian Alexandrites. They measure only 2.5mm. Merely the size of a pencil tip. This tiny gem is rare. It will offer a spectacular counter-balance to the much larger diamond that will be the central part of the ring. The customer brought a photograph, as an example of something along the lines of what he has in mind.

Valentina walks in, in full summer attire, followed by Teresa. They are in search of a worry stone. One for each girl. Something soft to hold and ponder and to occupy little fingers away from occasional nail nibbling perhaps.

Silvio immediately offers a solution and within moments Valentina sports a new pendant with a smooth stone held up in her hand to show, in front of a beaming smile. “Here,” says Silvio to Teresa as he offers a second stone for the project. “Use this Serpentine I found recently for the other pendant.”

The polished serpentine will be perfect in its new function. “I found several more, actually,” points out Silvio. “I sent them to be cut and should have them by the beginning of the week.”

We’ll keep an eye on these as they find their way to the workbench.

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