Silvio’s Workbench – Silver Coin Metamorphosis – Part 2

Poetry has this way of telling a story that reaches far beyond the initial circumstances of its being put down to paper. The poem that follows speaks of a silver ship. In fact, it refers to a plane. It tells the story of a moment in flight. A moment in time. A moment in a man’s life. It has an uncommon source: a captain’s war diaries. His name was Captain Robert L. Hughes, a Second World War pilot.

Notice the first few words: There are trails that a lad may follow when the years of his boyhood slip… This is the beginning of a journey, when a boy becomes a man and begins to make new choices. The soaring silver ship, in this instance, and the silver wedding band Silvio just completed, both represent a measure of risk taking, trust, faith and abandon.

Notice, also, the original design on the coin Silvio used to make this wedding band: a winged maiden. Its image is now melded into the silver. The vessel and the muse have become one and this, too, represents a journey.

Silver Ships
By Children Literature Author Mildred Plew Meigs, 1940’s.

There are trails that a lad may follow
when the years of his boyhood slip,
but I shall soar like a swallow
on the wings of a Sliver ship,

Guiding my bird of metal
One with her throbbing frame
Floating down like a pedal,
roaring up like a flame

Winding the wind that scatters
Smoke from the chimney’s lip,
tearing the clouds to tatters
with the wings of my Silver Ship

Grazing the broad blue-sky light
up where the falcon’s fare,
riding the realms of twilight
brushed by a comet’s hair.

Snug in my coat of leather,
watching the skyline swing,
shedding the world like a feather
from the tip of a tilted wing.

There are trails that a lad may travel
when the years of his boyhood wane,
but I’ll let a rainbow ravel
through the wings of my sliver plane.

Silvio’s Workbench – Silver Coin Metamorphosis – Part 1

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2 responses to “Silvio’s Workbench – Silver Coin Metamorphosis – Part 2

  • Chris Murray

    Takes me back to days of long ago. Something we did for a “loved one” was to make a ring out of a silver dollar (Morgans were still available at the banks.) All you needed was a silver dollar and a spoon, which could be procured at a diner. You gently hammered the edge of the dollar with the spoon, turning the dollar as you tapped. Over time, the dollar would begin to flare, You continued to tap until the flare diameter was about the size of giftee’s finger. At that point, you drilled out the center, filed it smooth, and filed the flared edges until they were the width you wanted. Polished was done with a rag or inside of a leather belt, and tooth paste. You always knew who was making something for someone because they would be “dinking” on the dollar during coversations over lunch, coffee, or at A&W.

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