Silvio’s Workbench – Adaptation – Part 2

Adaptation. It is about us changing and it is about everyone around us changing at their own pace too. This brings trends to mind. We follow certain trends, naturally, most likely because there is something of our own story that we recognize in them. At other times, we create our own style, boldly, inevitably.

Jewelry trends are certainly influenced by fashion. More often than not, the jewelry that is most meaningful to us was influenced by our personal story. Even master jewelers will tell you that they have done their best work when under the influence of a personal challenge or noteworthy event in their lives or when a client has requested a new creation to represent a significant moment in their own story. Then, the co-creative process sets in and imagination soars with new wings.

Sometimes, it is an object that we transform in order to bring it closer to us. Like mercury beads that mold into one another when they come close, we are attracted to the things that mean the most to us, so powerfully indeed that we truly feel at one with them in some way.

An heirloom spoon becomes a bracelet or a ring

Whatever it may be, it seems that jewelry we transform or items we turn into jewelry always mark a journey.

Earrings, a gold chain with pearls and a ring with a diamond become a stunning, vessel-like pendant.

silvio - blog - 0318

At other times, it is a mere rock that speaks to us. It was found near a river, during one of those walks when our thoughts about a challenge lead to an epiphany. The rock shows up at the right time, as if to point out our moment of clarity. In fact, it grounds us in the moment, so we take hold. Giving this rock new expression as wearable art is our way of honoring the moment and of making sure its lessons stay with us and inspire our next choices.

An arrow-head becomes a pendant.

It is said that crystal has a memory, to the point of being a receptacle for entire and complex historical events. We do not need to get that mystical about it, however. As long as a rock or gem or metal or any object has significance for someone, then it is a receptacle of history.

Every meaningful piece of jewelry is a constant reminder and witness of beginnings and endings. It passes from hand to hand, from generation to generation, bringing along all that it has ever meant to anyone. Interestingly, many individuals who suffer from memory loss can remember events with great precision the moment they gaze upon a significant piece of jewelry.

We adapt jewelry, then, to state and remember who we are.

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