Silvio’s Workbench – Adaptation – Part 1

“Ancient texts and artifacts confirm that rings made of plant materials were placed on the third finger of the left hand at the time of matrimonial ceremonies. This is not by happenstance, for common belief stated that the vein of that finger traveled from the heart directly.”

The above is an excerpt from a previous post titled Why do we wear wedding bands.

Thursday, 4 pm. The workbench is busy. Projects take shape simultaneously, each advancing in its own time, according to stages of fabrication or design. On the workbench, today, Jennifer Bishop’s white gold wedding band and engagement ring.

Many, or should we say most of you know Jennifer from her local business, The Farm Store . As you might imagine, Jenn gets to work with her hands quite a lot, unpacking and preparing products and fresh produce for display every week. “Her wedding band is quite wide,” observes Silvio. “This can be uncomfortable at times.” The solution was a collaboration between Silvio and Jenn.

He began by making a notch in the band, to allow the engagement ring to fit more snugly. “Next,” explains Silvio, “I will cut the wedding band to create two bands. This will be a lot more versatile. It will allow Jenn to choose to wear just one ring, two or three.”

It is not uncommon for our relationship to the jewelry that marks significant moments in the story of our lives to change, much as our connection to those we love is transformed over time. As much as we tend to adopt routines and patterns, something shifts, inexplicably and inevitably, demanding perpetual adjustment. The arrival of children may be the tipping point, a business venture or a change in career. Our comfort with things and people changes along with this. We keep tweaking who we are, what fits and what does not.

Transforming those pieces of jewelry that are closely linked to our story is an outward adaptation. Perhaps, at times when we feel overwhelmed, a fortuitous glance at a meaningful, redesigned ring or pendant can remind us that we, too, are malleable. There is much comfort in this as there is much comfort in the new, snug and soothing fit of a ring. These simple things and moments bring us home to ourselves.

To be continued…

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