The Diamond – April Birthstone

March 21 – April 20

silvio - 0402 - diamond

April is for Diamonds.

The Romans believed diamonds were splinters from celestial bodies. The ancient Greeks called them “tears from the gods.” The first diamond engagement ring was offered to Mary of Burgundy from Archduke Maximilian of Austria in the year 1477.

Diamonds are known for their strength and resilience. They are at least four times harder than rubies and sapphires. However, few people realize that diamonds do have a slight weakness: it is possible to split a diamond along one of its four planes of cleavage. A skilled jeweler knows how to identify a diamond’s weakness and must in fact take this into consideration when setting the gem, so as to prevent exposure to blows at angles that could split it.

When you think about it, this makes the diamond all the more precious and says much about the person wearing this gem as a birthstone if we are to make an analogy between the two. We might deduce, for example, that this individual knows how to put his or her strengths to great advantage. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the diamond should be a prized crown jewel. Kings and queens, after all, are humans with human frailties, but they must put forth great confidence in order to be respected and successful leaders.

Thus the diamond symbolizes more than romance. It also stands for strength of character, purity and excellence. This in turn could be translated into a person’s ability to overcome their own weaknesses, to rule over them and grow.

Diamonds are found mainly in volcanic areas, within a rock called kimberlite. They are brought to the surface, along with the host rock, during volcanic eruptions. This rock is mined and crushed into fine gravel between powerful steel rollers. The diamond remains intact. This is how the extraction process begins. However, diamonds can be extracted over time by natural processes of erosion, in which case they are typically carried downstream from their original resting place by way of rivers. The most significant mines are located in Russia, Africa and in the United States, more specifically in Arkansas.
Thus the diamond is born into fire and released into the purifying water. There is much symbolism here.

If your birthstone is the Diamond, your flower is the Sweet Pea. Interestingly enough, while at first glance we might assume a great contrast exists between the delicate flower an the powerful gem, we would be mistaken, for the sweet pea represents an adventurous and passionate spirit, confidence and loyalty. Looking at the picture, the word “humble” comes to mind.

silvio - 0402 - flower

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