A Golden Vessel For a New Journey

Life is a journey; many journeys actually and there are many goals along the way. Each goal redefines the journey and inspires new goals, and a new expression of who we are.

In some cultures, a person changes his or her name at different stages of life, as if a new person emerged as a new character in the unfolding story of growth and challenges. Indeed, a new person emerges. We tell each other, “I don’t ever want you to change!” but change is inevitable, necessary and desirable.

We mark change with celebrations or with small, meaningful gestures or tokens that serve as reminders of the milestones that have the most significance. These are the bookmarks of our lives. Sometimes, all that we need is a special object to remind us of how far we have come, a turning page toward a great, new chapter.

Jeffersonville resident Danielle De Longis Shively came to Silvio recently to ask him to create a special pendant to mark a new chapter in her career. She brought earrings, a gold chain with pearls and a ring with a diamond, all items that had accompanied her over time, to be transformed into a new piece to mark a new beginning. Her request: Something simple and stylish. The theme: Wings or a feather maybe.

The new pendant thus holds aspects of an ongoing story in each of its parts as it adopts the shape of a feather. Or perhaps it is a leaf floating gently on the surface of an invisible and kind river, cupped to receive whatever gift may fall in. It is a vessel, carrying with it what is at once a beacon and a light to shine the way.

This floating, soaring gold vessel will be a reminder of sailing off onto new waters, softly, purposefully.

silvio - certif 2


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