New Spring Trends: Crisp, Classy & Earthly

Spring 2013 promises to be classy for those who follow fashion trends, as well as for those who walk to their own beat, but with a touch of inspiration from what’s hot. After all, trends emerge from the whims and tastes of designers and of those who enjoy the accessories, jewelry and clothes of the hour… That would be all of us. It is an ever-expanding circle of creativity and inspiration. We are constantly deciding what we like and what we don’t and constantly influencing the choices of people around us by our own choices. Ebb and flow.

This spring, crystal clear is in, at least according to Harper’s Bazaar, which points out the return of the see-through hand purse, with equally see-through footwear. Imagine heels that make it look like your foot is adopting a vertical stance on their own, with no support.

silvio - blog - 0311 - bag

While clear materials and shoes may offer a purified look, the style for bracelets and pendants this spring features an abundance of fringes and dangling components; some almost feather-like while other styles incorporate buttons, keys and other recognizable objects. This brings to mind a merging between modern charms and ancient, tribal elements.

Speaking of ancient elements, the Roman-inspired, calf-high sandal is back, with intricate straps and bejeweled cut design… and a stiletto heel to boot. No pun intended, though it was irresistible. Ho! And these look good in polished silver too.

silvio - blog - 0311 - tie

As for men, according to GQ Magazine, this spring the print tie is in to make a blooming statement against a straightforward shirt and suit. Incidentally, while the pale gray suit is preferred for the corporate dude, pastels rule outside of the conventional office.

Men’s accessories are in good taste, but retain a casual, almost earthly style. For example, the wrap-around bracelet, reminiscent of the warrior’s ornaments. The snake vertebrae bracelet Silvio created last year fits the bill perfectly.

Rings have their place as well, especially bands with carved or embossed patterns that catch the light. Silver with gold accents prevail, providing a touch of elegance and mystery suited for the soft-spoken, yet alert and inquisitive guy.

This is just an overview, of course. The rule, which persists through the ages: accessorize to reveal your inner spirit and dreams.

Geese were spotted flying over various parts of Vermont this morning. What would you wear for a fashion photo shoot against a backdrop of mountains and softly landing geese? Something bold that says, “I call this place home too. This is the ground upon which I stand and this is what I believe.” Welcome spring with style.

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