Aquamarine & Bloodstone – March Birthstones – Part 2

February 20 – March 20

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Part 2 – Bloodstone

Heliotrope. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? It is another name for the bloodstone. It could be the magical substance at the end of a long journey for some fantasy novel hero or heroine; the coveted gem that brings peace to its owner and to the entire kingdom. And it looks just as fantastic as it sounds; like a galaxy of red stars within each gem.

The name “heliotrope” is derived from a Greek word meaning “sun” and “to turn” and refers to the ways in which this particular gem reflects light. Bloodstones  are found in India, Brazil, China, Australia, the United States and Scotland. This mesmerizing gem is formed of quartz or jasper with iron oxide inclusions. The body is generally green, with specs of red. Yellow specs and darker shades of green that appear almost black occur as well.

According to legend, the bloodstone was formed from the dripping wounds of Christ as his blood impregnated the soil and solidified there, for eternity.  This is why the bloodstone is also called “the martyr’s stone.” Many scenes of the crucifixion have been carved in bloodstone. In addition to this, the bloodstone was a common feature of emblems, ornaments and seals used by monarchs and the nobility. This Victorian family crest ring is a perfect example.

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While the bloodstone greatly differs from the aquamarine, another birthstone for March, they are similar in some ways in that beliefs about both of these refer to a manner of flow, one connected with water (aquamarine) and the other connected with blood, the body’s own network of life-giving irrigation. It is believed that the bloodstone has the ability to improve blood and energy circulation within the body, as well as energy flow within a space.

The Bloodstone is a symbol of justice. Perhaps this is due to its association with energy flow, for when intentions and actions flow harmoniously there must also be a sense of fairness and justice. Therefor, if this is your birthstone, you may be someone who seeks equality and fairness and you may be a rather skilled mediator.

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