Peculiar Pearls & Other Oddities – Nano-Diamonds

It was all over the news and the Internet. Just one day before Valentine’s Day, this headline was seen around the planet: Mexican Artist Turns Guns Into Musical Instruments (AP).

This sums it up nicely: “Mechanical hammers ping against ammunition magazines from assault rifles. Gun barrels cut to different lengths ring like marimbas. Pistol parts strike metal plates, like cymbals, to create rhythmic, syncopated sounds.” – ABC News

Sculptor Pedro Reyes is responsible for the project, appropriately named, “Disarm.” He created his instruments from 6,700 guns that had been turned in or seized by the army and police. Click on the photograph to access the original slide show.

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Source: AP and Huffington Post

In other news, a bit over a year ago, Paraguay children were turning trash into stunning and fully functional musical instruments. Clicking on the image will take you to a page where you can watch a short documentary video.

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Source: Gizmodo Article

This leads us to the oddity that captures our attention today: Turning bullets into diamonds.

“A mysterious Russian company is taking old ammunition and turning it into nano-diamonds. You can’t make a ring out of these tiny rocks, but they do have endless applications,” begins an article by Fast Company, a publication that focuses on innovation in technology, ethical economics, leadership, and design.

The project earned its author, Igor Petrov,  this year’s Ig Nobel Peace Prize, a prize that is awarded for “achievements that first make people laugh
then make them think.”

The process used to convert ammunition into nano-diamonds requires blowing up the ammunition in a specially designed chamber to extract its many components, which are then sorted out and refined.

Nano-diamonds can be used in medical applications (chemotherapy) and computer circuitry. Other applications are certainly emerging as we speak. The possibilities are endless across many industries. Incidentally, as for not being found in jewelry making, that remains to be seen and certainly not impossible.

The Ig Nobel Prize was founded in 1991 by an editor of Humor Magazine. While the award ceremony itself is marked by a playful spirit, award recipients receive their prize from real Nobel winners.

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A nano-diamond measures 4 nanometers.

1 nanometer = one billionth of a meter or 0.000000003 feet.


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