Platinum Proposal

Friday, 3:30 pm

Finally! We can talk about this engagement ring.

It was a work in progress, to be completed in time for it to become a very meaningful Valentine’s gift. You know, the sort that is offered along with a question, spoken with wide eyes, a nervous voice and hopes of a response in the affirmative range of the spectrum of possibilities.

silvio - blog - 0222 - 3

To the sound of Charles Aznavour, in the background on the radio (fitting don’t you think?), Silvio explains the choice of materials for this unique piece: “It is platinum, with a marquis-cut diamond in the center and chocolate diamonds on each side.”

This ring, accompanied by the aforementioned very important question, was offered to Jessica Bonath, of Sterling Ridge Resort and Green Mountain Snowmobile Adventures. “Richard, her fiancé, came in quite a while before Valentine’s Day,” continues Silvio. “At first, he thought white gold would be nice, but I always invite people to consider platinum instead. It is a lot more durable and also much better for a ring that is not likely to be taken off.”

silvio - blog - 0222 - 1

“White gold contains a lot of nickel. This makes it brittle and difficult to work with, and not a good metal to have on your skin 24 hours a day. In addition to this, white gold does not recycle very well because it falls apart when you try to re-melt it. Platinum is a pure metal. It can be worn permanently, it is sturdy, it can be reworked easily and it has a rich appearance.”

The design was a collaborative effort, bringing together ideas from Silvio and information from Richard about his fiancée’s tastes and personality. “Eventually, he just gave me the go ahead to create whatever I imagined would be nice,” adds Silvio, appreciatively.

silvio - blog - 0222 - 2

As for the answer… it was well within the affirmative range.


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