Silvio’s Workbench – Australian Opal & La Cabboche

Monday, 3 pm

Last week, Silvio completed a fine silver and gold ring bearing a stunning Australian Opal. He noted, at that time, the distinct quality of this variety of opal, especially the wide range of colors that is present in each gem. In fact, producing good photographs of such gems can be a challenge since every variation in light angle reveals a distinct “personality.”

Because of the intricate way in which Australian Opal reflects light and reveals the detail of its colors, it makes an especially good cabochon. A cabochon is a polished, convex-cut gem with no facets.

The word “cabochon” comes from an Old French word for both cabbage and head. Indeed, the word “cabboche” is slang for cabbage and a playful way of referring to someone’s head, such as when they forgot to duck in a low doorway. That hurt their “cabboche.”

A cabochon, then, is a gem that is cut in such a way as to protrude, slightly, from its setting in a piece of jewelry. However, as you can see from the earrings Silvio also finished recently, flat Australian Opals are the perfect shape for very elegant ear ornaments, and also for pendants.

silvio - blog - 0218 - 1

These other mesmerizing Australian Opals await new expression.

silvio - blog - 0218 - 2

silvio - blog - 0218 - 3

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