The Gift of Time, The Jester & The Apprentice

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. We look forward to holidays and special days of celebration like we look forward to finally receiving a gift we have imagined and dreamed of for a lifetime; and indeed the holidays we interspersed with regular, every-day living on our calendars are gifts.

Gifts make us pause and take notice. They give us occasion to feel gratitude and to express it. They remind us that some dreams do come true and that yes, all good things come to those who wait. What would life be without anticipation?

The artist knows this well. Much time elapses, much more than planned usually, between concept and realization. Art cannot be rushed, for the process itself is part form and design.

The apprentice learns this early. The apprentice who already has passion accepts it readily. The embossed copper mask below was made by a young apprentice, recently. It is his first piece and already you can tell that something in his awareness captured the life within the triangular piece of copper he was given to work with. Already, it is sold, to become a mask-like, bolo tie style  pendant.

silvio - blog - 0215 - 1

“At first, it is easier to work with hard metals, ” explains Silvio. “He has already begun work on his next piece, also a pendant, but more detailed.”

Meanwhile, at the workbench, Silvio just finished a fine silver and 22 karat gold ring with Australian Boulder Opal. “Opal from Australia is the strongest,” he remarks. “It also has the widest range of colors. There’s an entire rainbow in each stone.”

silvio - blog - 0215 - 2

When asked where he acquires these gems, Silvio instantly suggested, “I travel to Australia once a month, while everyone is asleep.” The jester surfaces at the end of a long day and says silly things. The artist is young at heart, always.

“No,” he continues, seriously, “Some folks who traveled from Australia used to stop by the shop where I lived in New Mexico. I got several Australian Opals from them over time and still have many left.” With this, he produces two magnificent specimens on a round, soft surface, as if deposited on a cushion. “These will be used in gold earrings, for a local costumer. This is my next project.”

silvio - blog - 0215 - 3

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