Ready to Say I Love You?

Mardi Gras celebrations will be under way tomorrow, in New Orleans. This is a grand celebration of joy and love. While Valentine’s Day may not have the same scope or fanfare, it is a celebration of great significance.

Only three days remain. Many hearts are palpitating around the nation as lovers rehearse grand proposals or simply dream of the romantic day or evening ahead. Some may even be nervous wrecks at this point. Ha! Romance!

At least we can keep a few things simple. Here is a compilation of our recent posts with tips on Valentine jewelery buying and quotes that will inspire you to find the right words to convey the deep thoughts of your heart.

How to Choose Jewelry for Your Valentine – Part 1

Summary –

Bracelets are widely accepted as a token of affection and friendship, without an underlying meaning that suggests deep commitment.

If the person you wish to acknowledge is a family member, your mother perhaps, than the possibilities are endless.

Do not think for an instant that gold is the only acceptable precious metal for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Glamorous gemstone jewelry could be a perfect fit for the aspiring actor,  actress or musician in your life.

Earrings can be tricky. Notice the style of earring a person wears and stick with that. If they wear post earrings, go for post.

Do not focus only on what you think would look nice for them; take the time to consider who they are and also consider what you are saying with your gift.

If you do not intend to propose, do not even offer a “generic” ring. This could be misunderstood.

How to Choose Jewelry for Your Valentine – Part 2

Summary –

Whether you are proposing or wish to acknowledge your appreciation for a life-long partner, a gold ring would be a great choice. For someone with whom you are still getting acquainted, consider a gold bracelet.

Consider a variation on the theme. A piece of jewelry whose design is suggestive of a heart, but with artistically stunning attributes, can be a good alternative.

Pearl earrings would be appropriate as a token of love for an acquaintance with whom you are building a deep relationship… A pearl necklace carries an even stronger meaning.

Gemstones and diamonds can add an heirloom quality to a piece of jewelry… an old-fashioned touch. In other words, gemstones and diamonds are classy and romantic.

Birthstones are …perfectly suitable if, for instance, you are showing your love to your child or sibling.

It is not uncommon for couples, siblings or special friends to each wear a similar promise ring. This seals their friendship.

Let Me Count The Ways…

Find inspiration in the words of others; words that have timeless power and beauty and charm and presence. Then, you can add your own, or simply add a kiss.

Here is an example. There are six more on the page.

“Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.” ~ Nicole Krauss  ~ The History of Love

Still looking for the right words? Goodreads has over 16,000 quotes about love by great authors.

Happy Valentine’s Day, from Ornament Studio

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