The First Lady’s Jewelry

Today marked President Obama’s second inaugural speech. This is an historical moment for many reasons. Some attendees who have reached an advanced age invariably remarked that they would probably not witness the presidency of an African-American man in their lifetime again.

The oath of office is not something that is taken lightly. We approach momentous historical events with great decorum. This is true in every nation. On these occasions, we feel proud; we feel the full weight of history and the part we play in it. It is inevitable, then, that throughout history we have always adorned our most dignified garments for such occasions, as well as stunning ornaments. This is not about glamor so much as it is about reflecting in posture and presence the significance and sacredness of the moment.

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Those among us who represent our nation do so not only in their active involvement in local, national and world affairs, but also in how the present themselves in public in general. Yes, their salaries are higher than average so they can afford the expensive suits and pearls, but honestly, would we even believe in them if they appeared before us in casual attire and unremarkable ornaments?

Elegance and style convey a strong message: confidence, strength of character, dignity, straightforwardness and certainly self-esteem. Elegance and style, then, must be part of the body language of leaders, because they are also role models.

Even today, in the 21st century, many men remain sober in their style. There are far more accessories to accompany a woman’s wardrobe and we can assume from this that First Ladies have a particular responsibility when it comes to how they present themselves in public. Add the complex, intrusive and inquisitive observers that are the media, and the task is even more daunting.

Michelle Obama may very well be the most filmed and photographed first lady to date. The media, and viewers, notice her every personal, professional and fashion moves. These, as with previous First Ladies, are recorded in history and will mark not only the character of this particular leader and role model, but also the values and style of our nation at this time.

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Some creative writer, historian or film director of the future will present to their students, readers or viewers aspects of our society that transpire in the earrings our First Lady wore today as she attended her husbands inaugural speech, or a necklace worn at another public function. They will use this as a springboard to explain our part in history. They will draw conclusions. These pieces will have made an impression.

Elegance and style always make an impression. As with the dazzling diamond earrings that continually bring one’s focus back to the wearer’s radiant face, they reveal a strength of being that reminds us that it is when we seek our own true style that we, men and women alike, find our brightest expression.

Photo Source: Style Bistro


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