How to Choose Jewelry for Your Valentine – Part 2

In part 1, we explored general guidelines for choosing the right type of jewelry depending on the recipient’s own tastes and character and also depending on the nature of your relationship. Today, we’ll review specific materials and styles as well as their popularity.

Gold, as you might have guessed, is at the top of the list. Whether you are proposing or wish to acknowledge your appreciation for a life-long partner, a gold ring would be a great choice. For someone with whom you are still getting acquainted, consider a gold bracelet.

Heart-shaped jewelry is a classic, of course, but some people prefer to be different. Valentine’s Day is an occasion when many like to find something truly unique since, after all, your connection with your loved one is unique. Consider, perhaps, a variation on the theme. A piece of jewelry whose design is suggestive of a heart, but with artistically stunning attributes, can be a good alternative.

Next, pearls. Especially pearl necklaces and earrings. Pearls make a statement. Pearl earrings would be appropriate as a token of love for an acquaintance with whom you are clearly building a deep relationship, though “marriage” is not part of your vocabulary for the time being. A pearl necklace carries stronger meaning. It is the perfect token of love if you are telling your spouse of many years that you still fall in love every time you are together.

Gemstones and diamonds can add an heirloom quality to a piece of jewelry, giving it presence and maybe also an old-fashioned touch. In other words, gemstones and diamonds are classy and romantic. Some people prefer gemstones to diamonds, because they can be quite unique in color and shape. Opt for gemstones, then, if you know this will make your Valentine’s eyes sparkle with joy. Diamonds are associated with deep love. Therefore, they make a strong statement on a ring, to announce your intentions.

While they are very personal, birthstones are less commonly offered for Valentine’s Day. However, they are perfectly suitable if, for instance, you are showing your love to your child or sibling. Also, if you are young parents and want to surprise your spouse with a gift that will have great sentimental value in the years to come, consider jewelry bearing the birthstones of your children.

Last, but not least, the promise ring. This is typically a simple band, sometimes with a nature-inspired pattern carved into it. It can be gold or silver, depending on taste. What makes the promise ring especially interesting is that the inside is usually engraved with a few words that highlight your connection with your loved one. For this reason, it is not uncommon for couples, siblings or special friends to each wear a similar promise ring. This, then, seals their friendship.

Still searching? Speak with your friendly Master Jeweler!

How to Choose Jewelry for Your Valentine – Part 1

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